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10 Celebrities With Hidden Talents


The celebrity world is filled with starlets that have many talents besides what they are best known for and generally showcase to the public. This list may shock and surprise you but if anything that should just teach you to never judge a person's talents based off their line of work!

1. Harrison Ford

1. Harrison Ford

It may come as a shock to some that Ford is also an accomplished helicopter and aircraft pilot, as long as it has fixed wings. He's been acting in credited roles since 1967 and now it finally makes sense why George Lucas chose him to be Han Solo - his off the screen skills.

Angelina Jolie

2. Angelina Jolie

Always the star of an action film, this leading lady is just as dangerous in real life. Her behind the scenes skills have to do with knives, particularly of the throwing variety. She's also an avid collector of knives and their related accessories.

Justin Beiber

3. Justin Beiber

Justin has made a move out of the spotlight recently but he has a hidden talent he may be able to fall back in. He can solve a Rubik's cube in less than 2 minutes, a rare talent indeed. It makes you wonder if the YouTube video that launched him into stardom had revealed this hidden talent if he would have still been recognized.

Pierce Brosnan

4. Pierce Brosnan

Not only did he play James Bond but he has showcased his talent for fire eating on television before as well. He's definitely not someone to mess with.

Ed O'Neill

5. Ed O'Neill

This star from "Married With Children" and "Modern Family" has been taking Jui Jitsu lessons for 22 years, more than likely inspired by all the women who attacked him during the show in a shoe shop. He finally received his black belt in 2007.

Taylor Lautner

6. Taylor Lautner

Seems he's been a beast even before his role as a werewolf, at the age of 8 Lautner was chosen from among his peers to represent the American team for the World Karate Association. He became Juniors Forms and Worlds Weapon champion and brought home 3 gold medals.

Neil Patrick Harris

7. Neil Patrick Harris

Aside from his talent for picking up women on the show "How I Met Your Mother,"Neil Patrick Harris has a impressive talent for magic. In 2006 Harris showed his love for magic when he entered and won the Tannen's Magic Louis Award.

Steve Martin

8. Steve Martin

Known for his zany antics and physically awkward style of producing comedy, nobody would ever figure that Steve Martin is also a seasoned banjo player. He's been playing since his teenage years and still has a passion for the instrument

 Vanilla Ice

9. Vanilla Ice

Also known as Robert Van Winkle, this singer of the hit song "Ice Ice Baby" has been an avid dirt bike rider since his late teens. In his time dirt biking Vanilla Ice won 3 Grand National Championships.

Mike Tyson

10. Mike Tyson

Tyson is best known for his boxing prowess but there's also another sport he's been partaking in since he was just 9 years old - pigeon racing. Although it seems unlikely from such an intense fighter, Tyson still enjoys pigeon racing as a talent and a hobby.



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Betty Norton
Betty Norton 31 October 14 17:59 I was pleasantly surprised with Mike Tyson))) It turns out he is able not only to nibble ears))) Text hided expand
Courtney Leony
Courtney Leony 1 November 14 00:29 Wow, what a surprise! Who knew that Steve Martin is a banjo player....can't believe it! Text hided expand
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