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Kate Middleton Lingerie: Underwear Designs by Britney Spears Forbidden on Royal Butt


 Britney Spears’

Kate Middleton wears royal underwear only, thank you very much! Britney Spears’ panties are not gracing Princess Kate’s butt and those orders are straight from Queen Elizabeth.

Man alive, is Britney Spears looking rough or what? Britney was photographed arriving at Warsaw, Poland to promote her new lingerie collection, and the pictures are not at all flattering. In fact, they’re downright frightening. Brit looks like she’s reaching 60 years old, even though she’s not even reached her mid-30s yet. Is her career and mental illness starting to take a toll on her?

She is involved in way too many business endeavors right now, considering her fragile mental health and her propensity to have breakdowns whenever the stress becomes too much to handle. She’s been jetting all over the world to promote her lingerie collection, and in an amusing interview during her London launch last night, she revealed that she wants to see Kate Middleton wear her underwear designs. Is it bad if I burst out laughing?

She reportedly said, “I would love to see Kate [Middelton] in my underweardesigns. That would be splendid. I’m going to send her one of every piece. So she’ll have plenty to choose from.”

Wishful thinking? I highly doubt Prince William would object, but Queen Elizabeth would have a coronary if Kate worse Britney Spears’ underwear. Besides, even if Kate does wear Britney’s clothing, it’s not like she’s going to publicize that fact – unless she has another wardrobe malfunction, which I wouldn’t put past her.

Either way, I can’t help but feel sorry for Britney Spears right now. She looks tired, exhausted, and worn out, and this promotional campaign is clearly not doing her any favors. She looks like she needs to go home and take a long, long vacation, but instead, she’s flying around the world and trying to get royals to wear her panties. No wonder the poor thing looks like her face has been lined with sandpaper. I’m sure a part of that is her own lackluster skin care regime, but a part of that has to be the toll that her health is taking on her. It’s too bad that the people around her aren’t seeing it yet.

Kate Middleton Lingerie: Underwear Designs by Britney Spears Forbidden on Royal Butt



Published by , 26.09.2014 at 15:47
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John Ellis
John Ellis 26 September 14 20:47 Football players buy Automobile dealerships towards the end of their careers, Women like Britney try to get a continuing stream of money from enterprises like this when their careers are coming to an end. Text hided expand
Marilynn May
Marilynn May 26 September 14 22:38 Kate loses her style crown Text hided expand
Margareth Allen
Margareth Allen Marilynn May 27 September 14 00:32 She simply has no choice. Royal protocol commits Text hided expand
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