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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Both Love Plastic Surgery, Botox, Yet Continue To Claim That They’re Au Naturel


Man, who do Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston think they’re kidding? They both use plastic surgery and invasive cosmetic procedures like Botox and laser peels but prefer to pretend to the public that they are all natural.

A new report from In Touch Weekly claimed that Justin was using Botox, which he then had his rep deny ‘exclusively’ to Gossip Cop. Dude, we’ve seen your face – there’s no way a 43-year-old face’s looks that shiny and pore-less, unless you have the unicorn genes ofPatrick Stewart.

I don’t get why Justin and Jennifer are trying so hard to disprove the plastic surgery rumors. Like, Botox isn’t even as bad as getting a full face lift or injecting duck lips, and it’s common enough for stars to experiment with it. Besides, we already know Jennifer Aniston’s gotten surgeries to fix her nose – it’s not that hard to find evidence of that, and yet, she still claims that she’s all natural and that Justin would ‘kill her’ if she ever did anything to her face. Yeah, except sticking needles into it on a regular basis, apparently.

Nice try, guys. Too bad the public isn’t filled with blind idiots who are willing to believe anything reps say. As if we’ll believe that you guys are the ONLY middle-aged couple in Hollywood that doesn’t use an ounce of plastic surgery. Sure, it’s all Smart water and eating organic. And the line-less foreheads and waxy complexions? Oh, just genetics. Ok.

And don’t tell us what their reps said. If the reps are going out of their way to deny a freaking Botox rumor, then clearly the report touched a nerve. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of energy for something that most people already knew.

What do you guys think? Are Justin and Jennifer as natural as they claim? Or it yet another Hollywood lie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



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Johnny 21 September 14 17:16 see LINES on their foreheads and CREASES on their faces , you IDIOTS... those lines won't be there if they had work done of are using botox!!! Text hided expand
Tom 21 September 14 17:19 she changed her eye colour changed her hair fixed her nose and that"s enough.doesn't she anything new to talk about ? Text hided expand
Tom Blackwood
Tom Blackwood 21 September 14 19:16 And you thought that beauty and youth considered their "elected" and they forever will be such????? Of course, without the latest science in the field of Cosmetology here has not done. Text hided expand
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