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5 Gorgeous Hollywood Actresses Over 40


It’s time to get back to reality and admit that when it comes to being in the movies, looks mean absolutely everything. But time seems to be the biggest adversary for movie stars, as there is nothing they can do to prevent it. Hollywood can be a difficult place for an older actress to get work in, especially if she had little talent starting out but managed to ride the waves of her beauty until her later years in film.

But for the beautiful ladies on this list, age hasn’t seemed to force them to face up to this concern altogether, as they seem to stay so gorgeous. The average age of the women found here is roughly 48, but they are all attractive and still working away in the movies.

1. Salma Hayek

1. Salma Hayek

This beauty is only a couple years shy of her 50th birthday, but somehow she remains to be so amazingly alluring. What might be even more impressive is that she does have some reliable acting talent. Salma was presented with an Academy Award for her depiction of an eponymous title character in the film, “Frida.” Some are incredibly amazed at how she remained reputable after the 1999 “Wild Wild West” Will Smith disaster. We might not quite be sure what it is that she possesses, but whatever it is, it seems to be working.
Salma Hayek

2. Catherine Zeta-Jones

2. Catherine Zeta-Jones

This Welsh actress appears to be a woman of several discrepancies. Although she is raven-haired with darker skin coloration in comparison to many in Wales, just by her name many would suggest that she was Latino in origin. Despite her being 43 and her husband being 25 year her senior, she still remains the envy of women that are only half her age. She has played various roles in multiple films and is extremely talented. She was presented with a Tony Award for her acting accomplishments in the 2010 musical, “A Little Night Music.”
 Catherine Zeta-Jones

3. Jane Seymour

 Jane Seymour

Although Jane is old enough to be the mother of several women appearing on our list, she still looks fabulous. If you don’t find this impressive then just wait until you reach her age and we’ll see. Someone should really ask her about her eating habits as she is in her 7th decade now and still gorgeous. But if all of this wasn’t enough, this earlier Bond Girl continues to appear in television shows and films year-by-year. By whatever means it was, we ignored reading them, but she has also written various “inspirational self-help” books.
Jane Seymour

4. Halle Berry

 Halle Berry

We’re not sure about you, but we didn’t know that Halle was creeping up on her 50th birthday. We looked into it, made a few phone calls, sent some emails and found out that yes, it’s the truth. Berry is a gifted, former beauty pageant queen and Academy Award winning actress that has plainly proven that she possesses some special type of age-resistant compound that she must develop in some faraway secret science lab. Why do we say that? It’s because despite being a mother and getting up in years, she still manages to look so striking. Even if you go ahead with watching both Swordfish and Catwoman back-to-back – which make her look less enticing – that feeling quickly fades after a few hours or so.
Halle Berry

5. Jennifer Anniston

5. Jennifer Anniston

Countless men during the 1990s and early half of 2000s were enthralled with Jennifer while she was appearing in the popular sitcom, “Friends.” At the same time every girl wanted to be her because she was married to Brad Pitt. During her movie star years of the later 2000s and into the 2010s, men still hold her as their top crush despite her age of now being 44 years old. She has accomplished her own special hairstyle type, been in a collection of films and accumulated an individual wealth of nothing short of $100 million. According to idiotic weekly tabloids she somehow seems to be pregnant every single week of her life as well.
Jennifer Anniston










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Katy Thompson
Katy Thompson 20 October 14 22:21 I also dream to look beautiful when I'll be more than 40.. Text hided expand
Chris Landy
Chris Landy 20 October 14 22:58 I hope that Catherine Zeta-Jones will look the same in 90 :) Text hided expand
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