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James Franco performs bizarre stunts in webchat


James Franco performs bizarre stunts in webchat

James Franco joined Kim Kardashian's "Break The Internet" campaign by appearing in a bizarre webchat to carry out strange requests from fans, including twerking, performing a monologue to a kitten and filming a make-up tutorial.

The "127 Hours" actor completed the task on Monday as part of the drive by Paper magazine which started with Kardashian's now infamous nude photograph on the cover of the latest issue.

During the webchat, Franco sat in a hotel room surrounded by props, including a tutu, bunny ears and a Christmas sweater, while speaking to fans who ordered him to carry out bizarre tasks.

One female caller asked the star, "Can you please make out with me for one minute... Make the kissy face" and Franco responded by squirting whipped cream into his mouth and kissing a sock puppet for a prolonged amount of time before the caller asked him to stop.

Franco was also asked to paint a number of portraits, so he used whipped cream, peanut butter and jam to depict his friend and frequent co-star Seth Rogen.

He was often scathing about the requests, calling them "boring" and even dubbed one of the participants a "weirdo."

When asked to do impressions of Looney Tunes cartoon characters, he replied, "Great fantasy there.. I don't do f**cking 1950s cartoons."




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